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aga Range Cookers Aga Range CookersThe Iconic AGA almost needs no introduction. No matter where you live, whatever your lifestyle, there's an AGA that fits perfectly into your home. Today, the company behind the iconic AGA produces a range of cookers for every cook and every kitchen. As well as the traditional and much-cherished Heat-Storage cookers, there's the S-Series & Masterchef collection of distinctly unconventional conventional cookers. The Heat-Storage, Masterchef and S-Series both share the same solidity, the same design presence and the same attention to detail.

Everhot Range Cookers Cast Iron Range Cookers The traditional cooking range, with its hand-crafted good looks and quality cooking, epitomises a relaxed, homely lifestyle in town or country. The Everhot offers all this, and far more, at a cost that is astonishingly down to earth. The Everhot is an electric heat storage cooking range with full width grill that simply plugs into a 13 amp socket, and needs no flue or concrete base. With ease of installation, each oven and heating surface can be independently adjusted to the temperature you require, maintenance free and low energy requirements together with a choice of sizes that make it easy to position alongside your standard units (600mm, 900mm, 1000mm, 1100mm, 1200mm & 1500mm), it gives you all the control and versatility of modern cooking methods, together with even baking and winter warmth of the traditional range.

See the New Esse EL 13amp Electric Cooker here

the new Esse 13amp cooker
esses wood burning stoves

Esse Range Cookers Cast Iron Range Cookers The Authentic Original Cast Iron Range Cooker. Handmade by craftsmen since 1854. An Esse is a thoroughbred Range Cooker who's bloodline can be traced back to 1854.

Your Esse will become a comforting companion that can give you a lifetime of pleasure and provide a cosy haven for you and your family.

This reliable ironheart will beat constantly bringing warmth and life to your home. Esse Range Cookers are available in Natural Gas, L.P.G., Woodburning/Solid Fuel and Electric. With a competitively priced Cooker only, cooker and hot water and cooker and central heating models available with each one hand built you can be assured of quality and a heritage that is unsurpassed. The new Induction Esse EC4i and new Woodfired Esse Plus1 companion creates an ideal partnership for any kitchen.

Sandyford Range Cookers Cast Iron Range CookersAll sAGAs begin and end with a Sandyford. Quality is Sandyford's watchword at each stage in producing your beautiful hand-built Cast Iron Range Cooker.
The team at Forward Fabrications have been involved in developing and producing cookers for over 40 years. Each cooker is carefully hand-built to the very highest specification of materials and workmanship which is truly reflected in the quality and reliability of the appliance.
Sandyford offer a wide variety of choice in heating options from 60,000 to 80,000 and 100,000 BTUs; Range Cooker only, Cooker with Hot Water and Cooker, Central Heating and Hot Water. A condensing boiler version is also available with a minimum of 95% efficiency. Combining stunning good looks with unrivalled flexibility the Sandyford's range of 4 different cookers is capable of coping with the most demanding of households.

Rayburn Range Cookers Cast Iron Range Cookers Rayburn are pleased to announce the launch of a totally new series of Rayburn cooker models.The NEW Rayburn 600 Series has been developed to offer improved oven sizes, hotplate sizes and over all efficiency. At 995mm (39.1 inches) wide the 600 Series has been designed to exude the same classic looks with a variety of modifications including a capacious hotplate and a huge 47 Litre top oven. Available in a number of boiler outputs from 60,000 BTU (17.6kW) to 100,000 BTU (29.3kW).

With a timeless appeal and manufactured from cast iron and enamelled in a attractive choice of Classic colours, a Rayburn blends in perfectly with a traditional and contemporary kitchen designs.
Whether you require a dedicated cooking only appliance or a model capable of delivering cooking, domestic hot water and full central heating there will be a model to suit your requirements. New models include the Rayburn 480CD, a fully modulating range cooker that incorporates an 'A' rated, 90% efficient, low emission gas condensing central heating boiler and the Rayburn 800 Series with everything you would expect from a Central Heating Rayburn but on a larger scale. With people increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of their everyday lives and wood being sustainable and renewable with the advantage of being carbon neutral with minimal emissions; Rayburn have five Solid Fuel and Woodburning models available.
The cooker only model: 200SFW. The cooker and hot water model: 212SFW. The cooker, central heating and hot water models: 216SFW and 355SFW.
Rayburn have developed 2 new cookers, the 300W and the 345W designed to burn Wood only. The Rayburn 300W Cookmaster is a cooker only and the 345W Heatranger has a boiler. With installation the Rayburn 345W may qualify for reduced VAT of 5%. For more details please contact the showroom.

marshall Range Cookers Cast Iron Range Cookers The Marshall is a Luxury Hand Crafted Cast Iron Range Cooker with 2 massive equally sized ovens currently the largest on the market. You have a choice of cooking only or with Central Heating and Hot Water with a BTU capacity of up to 150,000 BTU Boiler output. Conventional and Balance flue models available on cooker only and central heating. Boiler Models available from 60,000 to 150,000 BTU’S.The massive 150,000 BTU boiler means the Marshall is easily capable of heating a six bedroom family home as well as having plenty of hot water for all your washing needs and, of course, those long relaxing baths.

Aga Stoves Cast Iron Range Cookers When you invest in an Aga Stove be it the Little Wenlock, the Much Wenlock or the Berrington you are acquiring a piece of history, a talking point and a centrepiece for your home. They are assembled by hand by skilled craftsman, giving each one a personal touch and unique quality. Aga Stoves incorporate the latest Active Airflow technology to deliver the best use of energy and are up to 79% efficient. Solid Fuel, Wood and Natural Gas Aga Stoves available. Traditional Matt Black or enamel finishes available in Black and Majolica Brown.

Heritage Range Cookers Cast Iron Range Cookers Quiet, Responsive, Ultra Efficient and Extremely Controllable - there's a model to suit your home

Today's lifestyle demands more than the superior taste of traditional range cooked food - controllability and fuel efficiency are also essential and that is where Heritage excels. They can be operated in the fast response timed mode (on/off) or in the traditional continuous cooking mode for unrivalled cooking. Hot water, central heating and cooking can be independently programmed with twin burners models for ultimate control and efficiency. The Heritage range cooker is available in four model sizes, 50mm wide Heritage Uno, the 840mm wide Heritage Compact, the 975mm wide Heritage Standard and the 1450mm wide Heritage Grande. A Heritage is built to last - it's the heart of a family home - and your family's heritage too!

Lacanche Range Cookers Cast Iron Range Cookers Lacanche offer a wonderful collection of semi-professional range cookers.

Inspired by the pride and passion of the French for gastronomic excellence, they are superbly crafted and hand assembled by the company Société Industrielle de Lacanche, part of a family-owned group of companies from the village of Lacanche in the Côte d'Or region of Burgundy: an area renowned for its fine food and wine. Still today, the region is peppered with Michelin stars and flavours of gastronomic excellence. It is here that the unique Lacanche range cooker is hand built, a culmination of 200 years experience and tradition.Being hand-crafted in an area steeped in the history of their creation gives Lacanche cookers a certain pedigree. They have a refinement that makes them a joy to look at, to touch and to use. Solid beauty matched by power and versatility. Searing flame, high levels of heat, instant grilling and steam cooking; the weight and solidity of the cast iron pan stands; the gleam of the solid brass burner caps and fittings; the deep lustre of the high grade enamelled steel - all speak of reassuring quality. These are sturdy cookers and are every bit as robust as their commercial heritage demands, yet designed for today's domestic kitchen.

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