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Esse pizza oven

Outdoor pizza oven

Supplied complete with pizza oven tools

Think about cooking to perfection, in a whole range of styles and all with that distinctive character that only comes from wood-fired cooking.
The beautiful Fire Stone is an outdoor oven designed and built in Britain, which forms the perfect centrepiece of any garden, patio or terrace.
The ESSE Fire Stone outdoor oven was tried, tested and trusted by top chefs at six different restaurants, including two Michelin-starred establishments.
The ESSE Fire Stone is a completely new way to bring together cooking and dining with al fresco living, turning any meal into an occasion.
Fantastic homemade pizzas can cook in just two minutes, and the Fire Stone is equally impressive at roasting, baking, braising and char-grilling. This wood burning pizza oven imbues dishes with an unmatched flavour.
Choose ESSE's British-built Fire Stone for your home and it will be delivered ready to cook, so all you need to do is light it and start thinking about what delicious wood fired creation to try first.
The Fire Stone outdoor oven even has a pivot feature to allow you to adapt to changing weather and wind direction.

Pizza oven tools:
Supplied complete with pizza peel, heat-proof leather mitt, pizza pan and cleaning brush, the Fire Stone design also incorporates a tool hanging rail.

The ESSE Fire Stone outdoor oven retails at 1800 inc. VAT

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Traditional cast iron stoves and room heaters.

From the smallest lounge to the grandest hall, ESSE offers a stove that will make your hearth glow. Whether you are inclined towards a traditional wood burning stove that can also burn coal, solid fuel, smokeless fuel, even peat or the practicality of a gas or oil fired stove, ESSE has a stove that will turn your house into a loving home.


Esse firewall

With so many contemporary heating appliances on the market how do you make the right choice? Choosing an Esse Firewall is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

  1. Firewall - The original flueless wall mounted fire.
  2. Firewall finishes - Now available in Black Glass (with optional trim) or Steel.
  3. Firewall sizes - The 51" Panoramic, 45" Widescreen and 39" Original.

Firewall is a slim profile, wall mounted flueless gas fire, fitted with the latest evolutionary , precision gas burner. The result is a ballet of flames dancing across the full width of the fire window over a bed of miniature glowing embers. Working to strict safety standards the Esse technicians have achieved class leading low emissions whilst maintaining the superb flames, which are the heart of any fire.

The Esse Firewall represents yet another example of innovation from a company renowned for excellence in combustion technology for over 150 years.

Firewall is available for both natural gas and LPG, with remote control operation options on Wide screen and Panoramic models.

In addition, Firewall incorporates the very latest flueless catalytic technology which allows you the freedom to 'hang' Firewall where it suits you without the restrictions of chimneys or flues. So confident are Esse in the quality of their patented catalyser that it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Esse firewall


Esse firewall


Esse firewall



With an ultra slim, wall mounted profile, Firewall offers you an unbeatable choice of where you can now have a fire, allowing you the freedom to create a stunning centrepiece without the limitations of a flue or chimney. It also means that you can bring additional warmth to areas of your home that may not have previously been possible, such as a dining room, conservatory or hall. Or why not create a 'hot spot' in a large open space. You can even mount Firewall on a combustible wall surface such as timber or plasterboard partitioning. In these instances connecting the gas supply pipe can be achieved using the cavity in the wall, reducing the need for chasing out plaster and making installation almost as simple as hanging a picture.


With models ranging from 2.4kw to 3.5kw maximum heat outputs Firewall is not just for decoration, it is a powerful heating appliance that is 100% efficient. Absolutely no energy is wasted and lost up the chimney like a conventionally flued gas fire. As a result all the heat generated warms your room. This means lower running costs and optimum efficiency. Set on low Firewall will burn only a very small amount of gas per hour yet still provide a respectable heat output.


Firewall does not require a flue because it uses a high quality, life time guaranteed catalytic converter to 'scrub clean' the burnt gas emissions that take place inside a sealed compartment within the unit. It also ensures that no carbon monoxide is produced and removes virtually all aldehyde odours which are present when gas is burnt. For those reading this who are still sceptical about flueless catalytic gas products, Firewall has been safety tested with a simulated failed catalyser. Even then the amount of carbon monoxide produced is only a fraction of the amount emitted by a single cigarette. An additional safety feature of Firewall is an oxygen depletion sensor. If oxygen levels in the room fall below an acceptable level the gas supply and burner are automatically shut off. Esse are leaders in flueless technology and believe in the use of only the highest quality, proven catalytic converters in their products ensuring total peace of mind for our customers.


Available as an option on all Panoramic and Widescreen models, the remote control offers ease of operation from anywhere in the room. With the pilot lit, the burner can be switched on and the flame height adjusted at the touch of a button.


All black glass models can be fitted with an optional polished aluminium trim.


A Firewall must be fitted by a CORGI registered installer in accordance with the installation instructions. Failure to do so could be dangerous and will invalidate the warranty. A Firewall can be installed onto any wall surface including those made of combustible material. All Firewalls are available in LPG and natural gas models.


A Firewall should not be installed in a room smaller than 30m3 (original and widescreen) and 40m3 (panoramic models). The room must also have an openable window and built in ventilation of at least 100cm2. Firewall gas fires are intended as a secondary heat source only and another source of background heating is necessary in a home.

Supply of Logs

M J Giddings - Suppliers of sustainable hardwood or softwood logs, for your woodburning stove.

For more details or a brochure on our stoves please contact our showroom.

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