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The Esse Catalytic Flueless Range Cooker

The Esse Catalytic Flueless Range Cooker Now you can enjoy flue free range cooking.

Introducing the Esse unique CAT Enabled™ gas range cooker. This incredible new range cooker uses the latest catalytic technology and does not need a flue like a conventional gas range cooker.

The catalytic process also helps to remove cooking odours and any other household smells caused by pets etc. It will also neutralise airborne particles such as pollen and dust mites, creating a cleaner, healthier kitchen environment.

A significant benefit is improved efficiency; in fact 100% efficiency as absolutely no energy is wasted via the flue. All the heat is transferred to your kitchen making this cooker an even better room heater.

Another benefit is that it is easy and cost effective to install, it can be sited virtually anywhere, giving you freedom to plan your kitchen without the limitations of a flue and all the costs and ‘plumbing in’ hassles that go with it.

On top of all this you get all the benefits of a conventional gas ESSE with absolutely no drawbacks.

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