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We are pleased to announce that we will be holding Everhot Open Days on Saturday 27th and Tuesday 30th of January 2018. You are welcome to join us between 11.00 and 3.00.

Order an Everhot in January and get FREE Delivery

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Everhot Features
The EVERHOT is a unique appliance available in 60, 90, 100, 110, 120 & 150 centimetre widths. The 60 being the first true heat storage range designed to fit into the 600mm wide cooker space in standard kitchen units. Each ovens and heating surface can be independently adjusted to required temperatures. Indeed if a particular cooking area is not needed for long period you can switch it off or turn it down without affecting the other areas. And on hot summer days, you don't have to roast in the kitchen.

Background Heat
The EVERHOT is a heat storage range cooker that provides gentle heat into the kitchen.

Weight saving
The EVERHOT is incredibly solid and built to last a lifetime but its weight (starting at just 250kg) means that the kitchen floor should not need reinforcing. Also if you move, you can take it with you.

Flue free
Because it runs on electricity, the EVERHOT does not need a flue so there are no installation costs to be added.

The new Everhot

Energy saving
Like an electric kettle the EVERHOT plugs into a 13amp socket, this combined with its unique, energy saving design has led many owners to praise its "miserly electricity consumption".

Total control
Ovens and heating surfaces are independently adjustable to the temperature you require. If a particular cooking area is not needed for long periods, you can switch it off or turn it down without affecting the other areas. This means on hot summer days, you don't have to roast in the kitchen.

You'll have a full-width radiant grill, which can also be used to rapidly boost oven temperature.

With a little care and affection, the EVERHOT will perform trouble-free year after year, with no annual servicing requirement.

Environmentally friendly
Each and every EVERHOT is manufactured in Gloucestershire, using 95% UK components. Using sustainable water energy from the 13th Century water mill was the catalyst for the initial invention of the EVERHOT cooker. Today, the state of the art turbine produces up to 25kw of sustainable energy. Additionally, due to the EVERHOT being so energy efficient in it's running consumption it maintains its status as being a more environmentally friendly choice of cooker. You should consider your EVERHOT to be a lifetime purchase and indeed it will give many decades of use, but if you or a succeeding owner decide that you want to dispose of it we will remove it from your property free of charge and recycle it.


The new Everhot The new Everhot

The new Everhot The natural choice for Smaller kitchens. The EVERHOT 60 was where it all started over thirty years ago. It is ideally suited for smaller kitchens, it is equipped with two cast iron hotplates, two large ovens and a grill. Despite its small dimensions it provides more cooking space than other larger range cookers on the market. Town or country, this is the perfect choice for the smaller kitchen since the 600mm width will fit a standard 600mm wide cooker space.

Everhot 90 Series

A contemporary classic. The Everhot 90 Series is beautifully designed and elegantly proportioned for the modern kitchen. With two good sized ovens (roasting and slow cooking) and cast iron hot and simmer plates, the 90 series is a perfect choice for families of all sizes. The 900mm width makes these cookers the ideal replacement for traditional ranges, often built to this size. The easy to use controls are accessed from behind the small cast iron door on the front of the cooker. You have two options to choose from: the Everhot 90+ or Everhot 90i.


The new Everhot The new Everhot

The Everhot 90 Plus benefits from an additional simmer plate conveniently located under a second stainless steel lid. This gives the cooker a beautifully balanced look and provides useful additional cooking space. If you decide that you do not need the second simmer plate switched on continuously; it is a simple task to switch it back on when you need it.


The new Everhot

The EVERHOT 90i has an integral two zone induction hob, neatly fitted under the right hand lid. The induction hob offers you a fantastic solution for those summer days when you simply donít want heat in the kitchen and induction is unrivalled in terms of control, speed and efficiency.

Everhot 100 Series

The beautiful family range. There's much to love about the beautifully engineered and elegant Everhot 100 Series,and you have two options to choose from: the Everhot 100+ or Everhot 100i. The attractive and balanced four cast iron door configuration conceals one oven for roasting, another for baking/casseroles and the third is a useful plate warming oven. The fourth door reveals the controls. Under the easy-lift lids are cast iron hot and simmer plates which provide ample cooking surfaces, and the integral grill is incredibly useful in the busy kitchen.

Everhot 100 Plus

The new Everhot

The EVERHOT 100 Plus has all the traditional style of a classic range cooker; its four cast iron doors provide a beautifully balanced appliance which forms the centrepiece of any kitchen. Behind the doors lie three ovens, on the left hand side roasting and casserole ovens, whilst behind the third lies a useful plate-warming oven. The final door conceals all the controls necessary to run the cooker. The 100+ has two lids, and incorporates an additional cast iron simmer plate underneath its own lid.

Everhot 100i

The new Everhot The new Everhot

If you are looking for an additional, instant heat source on your range cooker; either to augment the existing cast iron hotplates or to provide a great summer solution, the EVERHOT 100i could be the cooker that you are looking for. THE EVERHOT 100i is equipped with a two zone induction hob, fitted neatly under the second lid. With fingertip controls and incredible speed and control, it is an essential modern addition to your classic range cooker.

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