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Rayburn 600 Series Range Cooker Specialist

Rayburn Heatranger 600 SeriesRayburn 600 Series Range Cookers

The NEW Rayburn 600 Series has been developed to offer improved oven sizes, hotplate sizes and over all efficiency. At 995mm (39.1 inches) wide the 600 Series has been designed to exude the same classic looks with a variety of modifications including a capacious hotplate and a huge 47 Litre top oven. Available in a number of boiler outputs from 60,000 BTU (17.6kW) to 100,000 BTU (29.3kW).

Why waste valuable space by having a separate, often unsightly, boiler and cooker when you can have both in a stunning package with a Rayburn.

It's beautiful to look at, is highly efficient and fits perfectly between standard kitchen units. The Rayburn 600 has large ovens and an enormous hotplate, so it is brillant when you're cooking for a crowd. And, what's more, its versatile and efficient boiler is large enough to heat up to 20 radiators.

Rayburn 600 Series Range CookersHOTPLATE
One of the Rayburn's strongest features is the size of the hotplate and it just got even better. It can simultaneously accommodate eight saucepans and is extremely versatile. To adjust the cooking temperature like a chef's solid hotplate, you can simply slide the pans around. Heat is graduated - hottest on the left hand side and gentlest on the right.

The largest of the two ovens. Not only is this oven huge with a 47 Litre capacity, it's also flexible. With four heat zones, it can be used for grilling, roasting, baking and simmering. The floor can be used as an extra hotplate and is the nearest you will get to a pizza oven. The Main Oven delivers the perfect roast every time, thanks to cast iron walls and all-round heat which seals in all the juices and flavour. When set to idle, the Main Oven is perfect for slow cooking. It's also largely self cleaning - it's so hot that splashes and spills simply carbonise - and require brushing out occasionally.

Rayburn 600 Series Range CookersLOWER OVEN
The Lower Oven operates at approximately half the temperature of the Main Oven and produces deliciously tender casseroles, perfectly cooked soups and curries, rice, steamed vegetables and puddings. With a 34 Litre capacity, you can stack 6 pans at a time and, used together, the two ovens give you ultimate flexibility. The Lower Oven is also useful for keeping food warm and warming plates.

Because the Rayburn 600 cooker uses two independent and fully automatic burners, you can run your hot water and central heating separately from the cooker. The boiler features an Eco setting, this ensures the appliance is running at the highest efficiency.

Using the timer means you never have to hang around waiting for your cooker to re-heat. The easy-to-use programmer has a digital display and a single control regulates the powerful, rapid-response cooker burner to provide exceptionally fast heat-up times from cold. You can programme your Rayburn to come on automatically while you are out, so it's always ready just when you need it.

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