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Rayburn Heatranger Range Cooker Specialist

Rayburn Cooking, Domestic Hot Water and Central Heating Models

Of timeless appeal by its beautiful enamelled exterior, combined with the convenience and economy of Central Heating , Hot Water and versatile cooking performance.

You can choose a model that provides central heating with domestic hot water, or one which simply heats water.

Rayburn Heatranger 200 SeriesRayburn Heatranger 200 Series

To suit a smaller kitchen, the Rayburn Heatranger 200 Series combines neatness with superb cooking and heating performance. Depending on the model you choose, you can enjoy partial central heating and domestic hot water, or hot water only. All models feature a large main oven and second warming oven. Fuel options include kerosene oil, natural gas, LPG, smokeless fuel, wood and peat briquettes.

Rayburn Heatranger 300 SeriesRayburn Heatranger 300 Series

The Rayburn 300 Series has a larger top plate and increased depth to match standard 600mm kitchen units than the 200 Series. Designed to give you a choice of either central heating with hot water and cooking or the same cooking performance with piping hot water only. The Rayburn 355SFW provides cooking, hot water and central heating. Fuel options available include kerosene oil, smokeless fuel, wood and peat briquettes.

The new 345W Rayburn is fuelled with natural, carbon neutral wood; the least expensive fuel for cooking, domestic hot water and central heating.

Modern and clean, the 355SFW and the 345W, each share the same legendary simplicity to regulate the oven and hot plate temperatures, (a spinwheel and a chimney damper). Contrary to most assumptions, there is little mess peripheral ash purely because; firstly, wood burns so efficiently and secondly, the Rayburn's combustion is so complete. Equally, to control hot water and heating is just as straight forward. On the high-output 345W and the 355SFW models, a priority damper lever enables the level of heat to be directed between the boiler and the cooker as required, thus making the most of the fuel. The temperature of the radiators can be precisely set by a simple thermostatic control.

Rayburn Heatranger 400 SeriesRayburn Heatranger 400 Series

The Rayburn 400 Series is the largest Heatranger model. All models incorporate a large main oven and a spacious second oven that operates at half the temperature of the main oven.
The Heatranger 400 Series has the ability to offer cooking and hot water along with central heating.
Conventional and Balance flue models available. Fuel options are kerosene oil, natural gas and LPG.

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